Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Hey there! Retromodmomma is now on Facebook!

Come check me out for more momma stuff at Retromodmomma.
I'm hoping to have the same type of info here as I do there and I might start adding full blog posts again.  I hope to touch on all the things that I do.  Homeschool, gardening, cooking, baking and I'm still a Doterra Wellness Advocate and will talk about that too.  I'm learning all these things as I walk through this life and I'm hoping you'll follow along.  Hopefully at least for a laugh or two.

If you're coming here FROM my Facebook page, welcome!  There are years of blog posts you can search through here and I'm sure I'll reference things from here every so often.  I'm hoping to get the blog going more later as well.  So, definitely bookmark this page or add it to your Feedly or whatever other blog following app you have.  WELCOME!!!

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