Wednesday, August 13, 2014

The Preschool Diaries

My baby has finally gone and done it.  Bye bye baby girl!  Hello Pre-K madness.

Well, it's not officially a "pre-k" program.  It's more of a "parent's day out" or in for that matter.  At a church, in walking distance only two days a week.  It was a struggle to get here.  A struggle of deciding.  Should we or shouldn't we?  What is preschool?  What is Parent's Day out?  My little girl is so bright, what will she really LEARN?

Let me tell you we have worked through this for a few years now.  And, her schooling in general.  More recently I decided to look into where she will attend kindergarten.  Because unless you've been living under a rock, you will know that THAT must be decided upon almost a year ahead of time or you are out of luck, sister!  What?  It's insane.  Kid is born.  Kid is zoned.  Kid goes to school, right?

No, sir!  That is not the world we live in.  I have looked at public and charter schools.  WHAT IS A CHARTER SCHOOL?  I had to learn that one too.  There are lotteries, waiting lists, etc.  Well, preschool is almost the same.  I registered for this one right under the wire last year.  I had intended to send her the year before when Sam was first born so we could have some good baby time.  But, I missed the spot since these things are also signed up for WAY earlier than you think they should be.  What is the deal?  What is the race to get in school about?  It is truly crazy to stress over the madness of my child's education and progress when she is 3.  But, you have to.  So weird.

Here is where we landed.  Even up until the last minute I had thought I might back out.  I think we've decided to homeschool.  At least that is where my heart is pointing at the moment.  So then I debated on even putting her in PDO (parent's day out for the hip and trendy).  Since my daughter can read and everything else any good 2nd grader can do, what will she learn?  Walk in a line, wait her turn and raise her hand so she can in school?  So?  What if I'm not sending her to school?

Eventually we decided it would be good for her.  Get out, meet people.  Have fun, do crafts.  Eat with other folks.  So far it is.  She loves it.  Loves it all.  Gets upset on days we don't go.  And loves her "friends" though she doesn't know their names and she had to tell on them because they "weren't being nice".  Oy!

Happy Back to School to us all!!!

(by the way, for those who wanna know, I cried!  Cried when we dropped her off.  Cried when writing the check to Ms. Lisa.  Cried a month ago when a cute little girl was dancing in church with her tutu on like Madi used to.  I cried.)

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