Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Essential Oils and cleaning

You've heard me speak before about greener cleaning.  I like to find healthier options since most of our cleaning products can actually kill you basically just by breathing them.

You've seen me talk about the vinegar/water, baking soda way I've cleaned for a bit now.  Let me tell you.  I recently switched to a "natural" cleanser and it did nothing for actually cleaning my bathroom.  My tub is the worst.  It's one of the only things they did NOT upgrade in my house.  It feels rough, not smooth and slick.  It inverts in the middle.  Yes, the floor is like a slight "v".  ??  Why??  I suppose for the best water drainage?  But who likes to stand knock kneed in the shower?  I have no idea.  And, I barely notice anymore since my feet are used to it.  It had the four knob bath and shower thing until recently when we upgraded some plumbing.  We just covered some up with metal things.  Let's just say that my bathtub could be blown up and started again.  They remodeled the entire bathroom except for the tub.  Grr…

Anyway, it has some grime on it that I've always just assumed will never come off.  I scrub and scrub but nothing.  Used to I would have Stephen come in and scrub the bottom every so often just to get the muscle in there which made it cleaner than I could alone.  But, I have found the vinegar/water and baking soda method to be the best way to get it clean.  None of the other powerful chemicals I've used (comet, soft scrub, clr) have really worked, so why not?  It is simple, removes grime, etc.  I occasionally have to put some horrible mildew killer on the stalls still and I'm not joking, it makes my throat hurt for two days after inhaling it.  How is that good?

It's not.

But, my hubby hates the smell of vinegar.  So, the other day I thought I would try to add a smell to it.  I've done it before with store bought orange oil, etc.  And I didn't notice a real difference of any kind but it made it smell a bit nicer.  But, I then added "Purify" oil from doTerra essential oils to see what it would do because it is known to clean or purify the air.  It is great for cleaning anything.  As a cleanser, the air, hand sanitizer, etc.  I already use it in water for a hand sanitizer for me and the kids.  I have a spray bottle in the bathroom because it will get rid of odors immediately without long lasting smells, or irritants.  I spray it on the toilet and sink and wipe off instead of a clorox wipe for a daily/once a week freshen up and it removes all soap scum in the sink with one spray and a wipe.  I use it on bug bites and minor scratches/burns where it gets the sting out, never to return.  Madi has scraped her knee a few times, came in screaming and in one spray says "it's all gone".  Even before she knew what I was doing or how it would help.  In the store when she walks by a rack of clothes or a shelf and gets that slight cut, but mostly red burning and tears.  One spray and it stops hurting.  Period.  But, I've gone off the deep end.  Back to what I did.

There are many IMPORTANT ways to dilute these things.  All of them depending upon your age, the use, etc.  But, I didn't follow any of those for this.  I put 20 drops in my 32 oz. bottle of vinegar water and cleaned the bathroom.  The bottom of the tub, I always use a brush (like it helps).  But, this time it did!  These pics are not so great because I wasn't expecting miracles.  But, do you see the permanent grime?

Then do you see how much less there is after I scrubbed?

The water was turning brown even.  Now, we are not as gross as it may look.  We seriously have an acient tub and it looked like that when we moved in.  I have tried everything to get it white.  I can tell you that it gets better and better every time I use it.  In the second picture you can see at the top a little soap ledge.  This was also coated with whatever and the other day I got in and actually dropped some Purify on it and scrubbed with a wash cloth.  It all came off and is shiny white.  Whatever industrial cleansers they used in preparing the house didn't even get this tub THIS clean.

Anyway, I am so happy because there are no toxic fumes and if anything it is cleaning the air even more than before.  The vinegar smell is still slight but I don't care.  This is the cleanest my bathroom has been.

There is more to come on this but if you have any questions, please contact me below.  OR, if you wanna grab some for yourself, check out my site here.
OH, and if you wanna buy some and live in Nashville, leave a comment with an email address.  Maybe I can get some to you.

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Happy (Healthy) Cleaning!

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