Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Reading with my girl

It has been crazy busy.  I apologize for my absence but for the three of you reading, I'm sure you will forgive me.

Last summer we read Charlotte's Web.  It was our first attempt at a "big girl" book and Madi LOVED every minute of it.  We attempted The Borrowers but I soon realized that it was hard for her to follow.  And honestly I had forgotten the "big" words in it and even the language is much more sophisticated.  Her little brain lost interest quickly and I opted to put it away for a bit.

Well, this Summer we got it out and I think we finished it in about a week.  She wanted it at every nap and bedtime until it was done.  Soaking in every word, asking me what they meant.  I'd ask before we started what had happened last and she easily recounted the events for me.  Love this.

She is such a big girl and I appreciate her love of fanciful stories. I only hope to nurture this more and more.  With amazing older stories.  Great literature for her to learn from but also to get lost in.

We had to read Charlotte's Web one more time.  Which she loved rediscovering.

We get new books this week.  Can't wait to share them and tell you how we did.

School might be starting soon for most but Summer is still here.  Pick up something and read.

Write below.  Tell me what you've read this Summer.  Either on your own (I'm always up for a recommendation).  Or with your little ones.

See ya soon.
(I promise)

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