Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Oh How a Year Goes By

It has been a year already.  Samuel is 1 year old today.  I can't believe it's happening.  My baby is no longer a "baby".

 He came into this world pretty simply and has been pretty simple to deal with ever since.  He is so laid back and easy going MOST of the time.  I mean, he has his moments.  But, what a good, happy baby.

He is always laughing and now talking.  Of course we don't have any idea what is so funny or what he is saying but he is busy doing it anyway.  He adores his big sister and of course thinks anything she says is hilarious.  Even when it's not.

He completes our family in a way I didn't think could happen.  He is full of love and snuggles all the time and I am so grateful for that.  He is always curious and always busy.  He doesn't sit in one place for very long.  No sir.  He has important things to do.  He plays with anything.  Doesn't have to be a toy, in fact, he'd prefer it not be.  He loves knit things as much as I do and likes to do things on his own without help.  He gets incredibly frustrated with himself when he can't figure something out (again like me) and he'd just rather not do it then.

He has a sweet tooth like his dad (none).  He'd rather Cheerios to strawberries.  He'd rather cake to icing.  He does love frozen custard and toasted ravioli so he will be allowed back into our hometown with ease.

He is a boy.  Full on.  He loves me and I love him more than I thought I could.  Never thought I'd enjoy raising a stinky boy.  But I do.  I love everything about it.  Him, his laugh, his smile, his teeth, his cry, his playing, his talking, his dancing (boy does he love to dance).  Everything.  He is my love and I'm so proud of him already.

Happy Birthday Samuel.  We are so glad you came to us.

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