Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lazy Saturday (um, not really)

So how do your weekends look?  Mine anymore look like this, BUSY!  It's crazy how much I seem  to pile on but there is a lot I can get done.  I'll be honest with you, I do this most any day because we really aren't on a "work week" schedule around here.  We are free to do whatever we choose most days.  I honestly think it's just that we don't usually run around on Saturdays.  Most weekends we are at home except for church.

 This week, I made bread, granola and hummus.  I stocked up on a lot of Sam's food.  This of course happens usually every few days anyway.  When we are low, we are low.  He's a big eater.  Madi and I cleaned up her room.  This was really a mess (closets, boxes, toys everywhere).  Mostly just organize her stuff.  It's amazing what can be in the box where the My Little Ponies go.  Then she wonders why she can't find these little items she's looking for, right?

I did a bunch of laundry which is pretty much an every day occurrence.  I think I did so much that I just couldn't take a nap either.  This would've been nice on a Saturday but no.  I kept working.  I've got stuff to do, make and research.  I keep making dishcloths right now.  I've been bored with mine.  I've had them for a few years now and they're looking rough.  So, I'm making more.

It was actually nice to feel like I did a lot.  Nice way to sleep too.  Ended with a movie night with Madison.  The Little Mermaid and some popcorn even.

What do you usually spend your Saturdays doing?

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