Friday, April 11, 2014

Dancing Queen

The other day we had Madison's final dance class of the year.  Insane how cute this is.  It's similar to watching little league ball.  You know where you find yourself yelling "run!  you hit the ball!  You run to the base!  Don't stop!"  Just the simple things except here, you're thinking "um, not one person is skipping".  It's awesome.

But, they're learning the basics.  Positions, pointing and flexing toes, raising arms, leaping, following others, it's all necessary and good to practice now in the hopes it'll just be part of the future dancer they'll become.  That is if they stick with it.

 Madison is an individual, let me tell you.  I'm discovering so much.  I think because I have actor, dancer, film, stage on my resume, everyone assumes that Madison gets her unique personality from me.  She might, but it's not like I'm a stage mom pushing her on to entertain.  AND, so far there are some huge differences.  The biggest is what I see in dance.  I was (and still am) a people pleaser.  I've always approached my live performance stuff as performing.  Meaning I do what I'm supposed to do to the best of my ability to impress or take this chance to show what I can do.  If I'm supposed to be "on", I'm on.  100%.  Madison sees the camera (or audience) and takes the chance to make a joke.  "oops!  I fell!"  That sort of thing.  That sadly would've devastated a 4 year old me.  She wants to make sure in all things that she is getting a laugh.  I was a performer.  She seems to think she's a comedienne.

Another difference is her individuality.  Like in the picture below.  She refuses to dance with a scarf.  She used to love it.  I think she had some trouble getting the color she wanted, maybe doesn't like the manual labor of folding it before returning, I don't know.  Either way, she chooses not to use one.  For over a year now.  She refuses.  Doesn't care.  Has no reason except "because I don't want to" and she moves on with her life.  We are blessed that her teacher doesn't care.  Somewhere inside I'm mortified.  But, I'm learning to just go with it.  It's her world.

Heaven help us.  We will need it.

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