Tuesday, March 11, 2014

When Cupcakes Go Wrong


I hate to toot my own horn.  Especially when you're looking at this.

But, I'm pretty good at baking.  Madison helps and we are a pretty good team.

I made these before.  Dark chocolate with my famous Strawberry icing.  And, today they went a little awry.  

I needed some for a friend's birthday.  A guy even which only makes this more scary.  And, less impressive.  BUT, stick with me.

When making the cakes I realized two things.  One, I am almost out of cupcake wrappers.  (Quel Dommage!!)  Two, I think they should rise more than last time.  So, I found a box that Madi received as a gift of cupcake stuff to make ladybugs, it had wrappers.  They were pink with green spots and had smiles on them, but oh well.  These would work but I still wasn't sure that there would be enough so I didn't double cup knowing what that would do, but there was NO TIME!!

Then, the first batch I filled higher than I should thinking I'd get the fluffier cupcake I wanted.  Well, I did.  The "muffin top" kind that all stick together and flake off.  So, I didn't make anymore that way, but oh well.  Some crumbled and had to be cut off, resulting in the ragged mess up top.  Then, near the end, I ran out of frosting (I have icing application issues right now due to some damaged appliances that need to be replaced.  I know, excuses, excuses).  So, I started just spreading it on the super moist cupcakes which then of course did things that would make Martha Stewart sit straight up at night about, CRUMBS IN THE FROSTING!  Are you kidding me????

Needless to say, I HAD to let Madi decorate and make the ladybugs though they were barely covered, cut and rugged and you could definitely not see a smiley face.  But, this is what we do.

Now, in all fairness to me, the reality of my story is that these "ugly" ones are for us and I kinda like them.  I'd like to say Madison made them alone since that is the quality you see but she did not.  She did not.

These don't look too bad, right?
Never know they were the same batch, eh?

Things I needed YESTERDAY:

Offset spatula
New icing press
Cupcake wrappers

I'll get right on that.

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