Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy Chattafridgeversary!

That's right. That's what we just had. However you wanna say it, we did it. We try to be creative for our Anniversary. It gets a bit old to just do dinner and a movie. And now that kids are here sometimes we are like "why can't they celebrate us too?"  It makes sense doesn't it?  We are a family because of them. But also because of that commitment we have.

Anyway, you're still saying "that's nice and all but what the what?"  

We called it many things this year. Refrigeversary, Fridgaquariversary, Aquarifridgeversary, whatever. In case you don't even know what we are referring to (or just to clear up any copyright infringement or you thinking we are smarter than we are) it's from "Friends". Remember that quirky sitcom a few years ago that was kind of a big deal. (We are probably in trouble again). Anyway, Chandler and Monica had an "Annivegaversary".   Among other things. 

Basically we went to Chattanooga for the day. Love that city. It's really a fun place to get away. It's a good enough drive to feel like you go somewhere. And technically you leave the state and return. Ha. So it's nice. We went to the aquarium which we did a few years ago. Madi was 1 1/2 years old and she loved it but didn't make it through everything. Can you believe how little?

Even since that time (now at 4) she still loved it and learned some stuff. She made it most of the way. Well we saw everything just rushed the end a bit. There are two buildings now. Glad that we started with the ocean first. Very cool. Downtown is always fun to hang out too. We love to eat there too. Got some favorite spots and found a new one this year. 

On the way down we went straight to Champy's Famous Fried Chicken. Yum and yum. Would love one of these here. But we will settle for the 2 1/2 hour drive. Ha. So good. This year we got a family meal which fed us all. Madi loved her chicken legs. Ha. And for dinner we went downtown to Lupi's pizza. Yum. We got a pepperoni and sausage which was yummy. A medium style hand tossed pizza crust. Tangy sauce and amazing chunks of sausage. So good. Hot and crispy on the bottom. 

 Oh!  And the refrigerator?  Yep.  Ours died about a week ago.  Well, raised a few flags at least.  We knew it was only a matter of time so we headed out in search of a new one.  I can't tell you the world of difference this has made.  Wow.  From your basic white freezer on top, fridge below to this.  It is heaven.

Not a bad year.  We've actually done a lot this year.  From adding a new member to our family, fostering a kitten, building Madi's dream room and going on our first vacation as a 4 person family.  Not too shabby.  And a new fridge and fun family day trip wasn't a bad way to start year 15.  Crazy.  But I like it.

Oh!  And here's what happens when you're eating at the studio instead of the house.  That's what happened for the week we waited for the fridge.  Kids seemed to have fun.
Champy's Famous Fried Chicken on Urbanspoon

Lupi's Pizza Pies on Urbanspoon

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