Saturday, March 15, 2014

Handmade Love

I love getting the chance to make folks gifts whenever I can. My problem is that most of the time I think to do it too late. I'm still new to sewing but before knitting was my only option for that. You can imagine thinking at the last minute "oh I should've made a blanket". See those things take a while. That's what I'm learning to love about sewing.

It seems that I can get the few things done pretty quick that I'm wanting to make for folks. So I can still knit something when I have time but if I run out I can always sew. 

I'll be honest I don't know if the folks want or need these things but they are things that I wanted and made so I'm making them for others as well. Hopefully they find them as useful as I do. 

I made some burp cloths with Sam and they are still my favorites. I've barely used any of the stacks I had left from Madi. Man!  With her reflux I truly wish I had these forever ago. I would have gone through all of them with Madi. She was always in need and these are much more absorbent then all the ones I had for her. Poor thing. So for a baby girl coming soon I decided to make some. It was fun to actually look at girl fabrics. Ha. 

I think they turned out great. I'm still new to this and I fell in love with the flannel. That was that. It was perfect for the room, the friend. Perfect. Of course I almost killed someone trying to find a cotton for the blanket. It still isn't perfect but I think it works ok. I love the fabrics alone just wasn't sure about combining them. Oh well. I will keep trying. 

Then I have a wedding. Today actually. I wanted to give them some dishcloths. There are several reasons. 
1- I think they are a great wedding gift. 
2- The couple have been living on their own for a bit and the registry wasn't super exciting to me. 
3- These dishcloths are awesome. They work amazing and last forever. 
4- The couple are artists and I know would appreciate such things. 
5-  Why not?

Don't panic. We already gave them a gift card at the shower. This is in addition to that. And how do you do that?  Used to you brought gifts to the wedding. Now they seem to arrive at the reception (this coming from years of me taking them to the wedding and carrying them around until the reception. Ugh.). When did this happen?  Oh well. 

I am also using a handmade card. Granted I didn't actually make this for them. But I have so many around from my store and events that I'm always grabbing one for whatever party we are attending. 
It's cute too. 

Anyway, it's been fun and I'm proud of how everything turned out. Now to get ready. As Madi says "Bring on the cake!"

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