Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Crawl much?

We have passed another milestone around here. Sam has started crawling. First to me. Then to Sis. Then to toys. Then everywhere. It's amazing how far he can get in a short time.

He has also started saying "Dada". It's a bit broken and we aren't real sure he means it. But I know he's saying it because sometimes when I ask him to say it he will. He's been making sounds like it for a bit but you'd ask him to say it and he'd look at you like "what?"  

This came about after he started clapping. He finished nursing one day sat up and clapped. I said "yay!" and clapped along. He repeated. Well he doesn't really say "yay" but he sings a sound while clapping. Sounds about the same. Awesome. Since then he did it every time we did it to him. His first bit of communicating. Suddenly he seems to completely understand everything that is being said and what we are asking. I asked where Grandpa was the other night and he picked up his photo album (where he is on the front page) opened the book and started hitting it on the table. Now I'm not sure he meant any ill will to Grandpa. But I know he knows what I'm saying. 

Oh!  He's siting in high chairs and carts too. Ugh. 

I thought of this this morning. So proud of him for crawling. So glad he can move and won't get so angry so fast on the floor all the time. So proud that he figured it out. And that he's moving on. So sad that this is the beginning of the end of baby. Ugh. Poor baby. They grow up so fast and I was truly hoping to treasure this one. Bam!  Better get going. Ha. It's amazing how proud we can be of our kids even when it means they will leave or not need us anymore. Life is a buster. 

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