Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Valentine's Day

For years now I've had a girl's tea party. We get together and make things. Mainly Valentines. But we will branch out more as the years pass. This year and last I've been a bit busy. We had a great time this year. We mostly eat and drink, talk and laugh. Mostly at each other. It's a small group as the words "create" and "make" might scare off some of my gal pals. Oh well. They're missing out.

This was the year I also decided to make the kids gifts. Why?  I have no idea. Madi has a favorite book series and one character has a cat rag doll and she had mentioned how much she wanted one. I think that was in my head. But again I say why?  I also waited until about four days before the holiday and wanted to use whatever I already had. And I'm a novice sew-er at best. So again what am I doing?  I spent the hour I have during the day. And the three or four after they go to bed. In all I spent two days on these. They turned out cute in my humble opinion. 

I also taught Madi how to make heart guys. Just came to me in the shower (my only thinking spot). I remembered making these in school. So we made some. She thought it was pretty cool. And it was a task to teach her the folding. 

Our actual Valentines Day was awesome. We hung out and played during the day, went to a casual dinner at night somewhere not romantic that felt closed (perfect). Then home to watch our new DVD "Despicable Me 2". It was great and romantic too, bonus...  ;)

It was perfect for me. I want our kids to celebrate love of all kinds. We are blessed to love one another and have people that love us in our lives. It's a good thing to celebrate. Stephen and I don't need a holiday to know that. 

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