Thursday, November 7, 2013

And now I'm saying "Happy November"

This is pretty much how my life is going right now.  Going, Going, gone!!

I just got all excited to talk to you about Halloween, my trip to Eckert's, pumpkin picking, corn mazes, Halloween treats and the like and bam!  It's over.  I'm sure you made it through just fine with no complaints.  You barely missed me at all.  But, my sanity missed you.  If you're out there or not it makes me feel better to chat away to you anyway.  But, new mommy hood doesn't allow much for it.

I'm hoping to get better.  I feel I'm slowly digging myself out of the newborn hole I've fallen into.  With every week that goes by I feel I'm checking something off my list.  But, it's a long list.  I have a room upstairs that needs to be organized, right.  I have a dining room full of old furniture that needs to go.  When?  I have a desk that no matter how many times I have cleaned it off, things keep piling up.  SO, something has to change with that.  It stresses my mind.

But, right now?  I'm getting Madison's birthday invitations out.  And just in time since folks will only have a couple of days to figure out if they can make it.  ugh..

Sam is growing huge.  It's like I thought, "let's feed him cereal" and it's like Popeye and spinach.  Suddenly he's rolling over, playing with toys always, wanting his Daddy and trying to talk and sit up like a big boy.  What?  It's like "thanks for the cereal, mom!  I'll be seeing you!"

And, Madi is going to be 4?  What??  Can't we stop this train?  I still remember her sitting, eating her cereal, angry with me because I'm not fast enough.  Crazy.

Time goes by too fast.  And, it's proven here with my once a month post.

Please know that I'm thinking about you.  I'm logging photos, projects and things to share with you.  I just have no time to do it.  Maybe.  Some day.  The fog will lift.

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