Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Three Months Old and Counting!

It's already here.  My man is 3 months old today.

 He is sweet, smiley, happy, poopy.  All these lovely things and more.  He's awful chatty and learning to grab things on his own.  We finally have his eating down and I think his schedule as well.  He still wakes once for food at night but we are hoping that will pass soon.

He's a good baby that loves his sister.  When she is talking, nothing else is going on for him.  He loves to watch her play and listen to her talk.  With his waketime extending nowadays there are many more opportunities for him to hear her and watch her play.  He even gets in on the action!

He is spending a little bit of time every day on his tummy, he likes to lay on a blanket on the floor and chat it up.  He's very strong and so long that clothes Madi was wearing when she was just sitting up for the first time are already too small on him.  yep.  He's a big boy.  Long and lean.

We think we'll keep him..

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