Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Refurb 101: Renew elastic bands: A Dummy Guide (I'm the dummy)

I know I've been sewing a lot lately.  Weird.  I can barely get time to knit, but sewing seems to be all I have time for.  It's nice.  If I knew what I was really doing.

So, I know I've preached about my cloth diapers a lot.  My set up is simple, I have a trash can with a foot on the bottom to open the lid.  I used (in the beginning) some mesh laundry bags that cinched tightly around the top of the can.  Well, after awhile, the odors got to be a little much.  I think some of it was just that they get older and that happens.  But, these mesh bags weren't exactly helping my cause.  So, about 1/2 way in with Madison, I ordered some of these Planet Wise bags.  They're made with the same sort of stuff that the diapers are inside.  Helps them to not be drippy, to contain odors and not get wet on the outside.  This is helpful but inevitably moisture does form on the inside of the can.  I still find myself wiping it down with a water/essential oil blend to help sanitize and freshen.

Needless to say, these were a huge improvement and easier to manage.  The other had a drawstring top where these had handy elastic bands at the top to grab right onto it.  Much easier.  Of course, storing them for 2 years upstairs may not have been my best idea.  When I got them out for Sam, the elastic was shot.  Bam!  So, I dealt with them for a bit then decided (like I have been doing lately), "I can fix this!"

I drove out to JoAnn's and got looking for elastic.  All I need is to stitch some to the top and bam!  All done.  Well, I found some thick enough to fold over and headed home.  I thought I'd try to just pull off the old but if that proved too difficult, then I'd just cut it off.  Luckily, it was easy enough just took some time.  So, I happily watched some New Girl on Netflix while plucking away.

Then, I plopped down in front of my machine in my new "sewing area" of the "sitting room" or "parlor" to be designed later and stared hard.  Hmm..  This elastic is pretty stiff.  How am I going to pin it without it running under the machine.  I've run into this many times.  Great idea, sit in front of my machine, not gonna happen.  This is what comes from NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU'RE DOING.

So, I started searching the internet and realized there is a such thing as FOLDOVER ELASTIC.  Did you know that?  Well, now you do.  Big Dummy or Loser sign on my head.  I swear!  It's crazy.  I have no idea why I have this "I can do anything" death wish.  Because trust me, with two little ones, it takes hours to get in and out of the car so do you think I'm gonna high tail it back to JoAnns?  NO!!!!!

This will work somehow.  SO, I decided to fold over, seam and using a trusty safety pin, shimmy it through.  This worked pretty easy, but was more time consuming since the material is in nature a bit sticky and I'm trying to run a 3/4" thick elastic band through it.  Oh well, one more episode of New Girl wouldn't hurt.  Right?

And, finally (and I'm sure there is a better way to do this) I pulled it tight together, cut it and then crammed it oddly and uncomfortably under the machine to do a quick zigzag stitch (yes there are proper terms and I don't know any) to keep the elastic together.  Then, I lined up the seam as well as I could (where I left about 2 inches open, well not on the first one...) and stitched it closed.

Either way you come to it, voila!  All done.  They look nice and they work.  Praise be!!
By the way, please don't take sewing lessons from me.

Also, the color shown is "periwinkle".  I also have "lilac".  Did the same to both.  Go get them!
I realize the two colors are very close to the same.  But, at the time, I wanted "celery" and they were sold out.

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