Monday, September 30, 2013

Flea market weekend

Flea market weekend!  Yay!  I love our Nashville Flea Market. I really do!  Madi and Sam come along and I always try to go with my pal Wendy Lee. She is great at finding cool things and knows how to get a deal. Like the picture frame below where she saved me $2!  Yay!  I'm hoping this will fit in Madi's room where I hope to make it a mirror. But if it doesn't I know I can probably sell it back to Wendy Lee for her booth!  Not a bad deal.

 The letter "M" doesn't need much explaining. Except I will say it's more pink than it looks here. It is a salmon like pink and I also hope it'll look great on a wall. I'll post pictures later.

This table has some great features so I wanted you to see them. This great cabinet opens inside all the way through to the other side. And this nifty little ledge pulls out easily and hides away. Perfect for drinks, writing notes, whatever. 

Of course this is a magazine or book rack. I love it. I love the look. I might add legs because it is a bit short and I might want to change the color at some point. Because of that I asked if he'd take $20 even though he was asking $30. He agreed. Great guy. He had so many great little desks and everything was priced really well. And he gave Madi a donut. So it was good for everyone. 

I always love getting a good deal. Here's to next month!

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