Monday, August 5, 2013

Flannel burpcloths

I told you that I've been making things.  Mostly, I've been sewing.  I don't know why but maybe (well, of course) I need a break from knitting.

This is my latest creation and it's practical.  I bought some Gerber brand flannel burp cloths and really loved the size, how much they can soak up and how they actually stay on my shoulder.  I should have bought these with Madison.  I remember seeing them and just didn't think they were as cute as the others I bought from Gerber which handle one spit up and you get to feel the wetness forever.  I also remember putting it over my shoulder, picking up the baby and losing it.  Ugh.  I did this several times with Samuel and decided, this has to stop.

SO, I don't know if I made them "right".  I didn't use a tutorial.  And, I am so bad at cutting fabric that I don't know how I did it but one is about an inch- an inch 1/2 slimmer than the other.  But, they're here.  I've used them and love them.  They're each about 12" x 18", perfect large size!  And, I found a hip cassette pattern which I wouldn't have found anywhere else.  Now, I'm on the search for more cool patterns.

Some of this stuff might just end up at a booth near you when I start that all up again.  I would think I will be working again by Christmas as far as festivals/events go.  We will see.

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