Friday, August 16, 2013

Capturing the end of Summer

Can you feel it?
Around here it's been gorgeous and cool lately.  Don't fret, the hot sticky humidity shall return.  BUT, it does make me look into the Fall.  And, I'm happy there.  Sleeping with the windows open, feeling the cool breeze, snuggling under blankets, mmm...

This Summer has been amazing.  I've added to my family and have been at home with him.  But it has limited my summer fun (and sadly, Madi's).  We are trying to capture as many things as we can that remind us of summer.  It is almost over so I've decided there are some things we need to check off our list before they're gone.  And with it the warmth to go outside and do it.

So we did hit the fountains this week.  Madi was so happy.  And, I think we'll return next week.  But the kids have gone back to school so I'd assume they won't be around much longer.  Gotta get to them while we can.  You can see Madison had a blast.  And, baby brother ate, then hung out in his seat with the blanket over him to protect from the sun and the sweat bee that was buzzing around.  He was less than impressed.

Need to go for more walks.  Go to the farmer's market and pretty much just play outside.  It's been hard.  Too hot for baby bro.  Too sticky for baby bro.  And, I've been recovering most of the time and have preferred the pampered inside.  But, we are ready to have as much fun as we can before those Fall breezes blow for reals..

And they will soon.

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