Wednesday, July 24, 2013

RMM Tutorial: How to Convert Bra to Nursing Bra

Here is what I'm learning.  Some things that I dealt with when I had Madi I have no time for now because I have Madi.  Make sense?

So, one thing were my bras.  TMI? Oh well, brace yourselves.  I had two bras that I bought when I was pregnant with Madison.  I have an odd size bra and it's not so easy to find and when it is, it's pricey.  SO, I figured two would be fine.  I wore them for a long while after having Madison and figured I would just pull out and over when I nursed.  Didn't really bug me.  Not the best for the bras but I can't wear them when not pregnant so who cares?  And, this might be my last pregnancy so now I'm really not worried about keeping up the quality.  So, I decided that I would challenge myself to convert the current bras to be used for quick nursing.

Here is what I did.

matching thread
set of nursing clasps

First of all, take the bras of your choice.  I measured about an inch up from the front of the strap and just cut it.  Kind of feels empowering.  Ha.

Then, you'll need to take the bottom part of the clasp and insert the strap from the front to the back.  I then pinned it down making sure that the strap went back to around where it was originally (I went a bit deeper hoping to hide my imperfect stitching).  Though, I'll tell you the nude bra was trickier and much thicker in the strap so I didn't get to use a pin.   Though I tried.

Then, just run it under your machine using whatever stitch you'd like.  I chose a zig zag to make sure to limit my fraying from the strap.

THIS is how I work these days.

THIS is the machine getting a kiss for doing a good job.  Not kidding...

Logic would tell you that then you do the same to the top strap with the top part of the clasp and voila!  It's not perfect, not gorgeous and by all means I KNOW the colors don't match.  But, nobody is checking these out and I found the clasps for $2 on Etsy here.  It works and looks fine to me.  

So you know, besides my machine giving me a bit of trouble, these seriously took 10 minutes to do.  And, I had "help".  So, I promise it'll be worth it and can fit into a pregnant momma or new momma's hectic schedule.  My little one is only 6 weeks old.  So, YOU CAN DO IT!

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