Monday, July 29, 2013

My Weekend View: Family Time

We had a lot of family time here this weekend and that doesn't happen much.  For instance, our Friday night was actually a split family party night.  Not fun.  While Stephen went to one party for work, Me and the kids hit another party.  It was a rough one since I had spent the whole day with the kiddos as well.  Much simpler when Stephen is there to share the load.

The rest of the weekend afforded us more time together.  Especially Sunday.  We went to church, came home and cooked out and even that night we cooked out and ATE outside.  It felt like a nice Fall evening so we set up the table and chairs (including the lighted umbrella) and had ourselves a cookout. I've been stuck inside most days.  It's funny.  Madison was born in the winter and I didn't mind staying in so much.  But, I will say this Summer has been harder.  I truly can't take the baby out in the heat and sun so much so I have to be careful and choose wisely when we escape.  But, being able to do this made me feel that I'm not missing Summer.  It doesn't feel like the season to me since I'm missing out on a lot of summertime events.  Man, even our 4th of July got rained out this year. So, we've felt a bit out of it.  It was nice to eat out, cook out, play out with all of us.

Madison and Sam had fun together too.  That's really what counts.  Right?

By the way, I was so hungry I forgot to take a picture of the food.  Homemade lemonade, grilled chicken and salad.  Yum.

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