Monday, June 3, 2013

Then came the color

Here are some new(er) pics of the walls.  The carpet is in but I've realized that the carpeted photos make the color look super bright so I wanted to show these.

I will tell you the carpet is fluffy, cushy and a neutral beige/tan.  Madison's favorite thing to do right now is to run and make "foot tracks".  She just runs in circles.  

We are hoping to finish with electrical and lights today.  Maybe get rods in the closets and blinds cut.  

By the time Baby is here we will have phase 1.0 (as I'm calling it).  May not have doors but she will be able to sleep up there and get dressed.  That is the main goal.

After baby, hopefully doors will go in, some touch ups and small imperfection repairs that we've noticed.  I'll try to keep you posted.  I'll be a bit busy for the next little while so give me a break.

And later this year maybe we'll get the desk/shelves and reading nook built in.  Yay!  It's gonna be such a fun place for her.

I have gotten a lot done in the meantime.  There is no more trace of dry wall dust anywhere in the house and I am so happy about it I can't stand it.  And, that means no more days of my 9 month pregnant but on the floor, hand mopping and wiping everything down.  I mean EVERYTHING.  Grr..

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