Friday, June 7, 2013

Refurb 101: From "drab and ruined" to "pink and perfect"

Here is my latest refurb project.  I was going to link to my old post with this table in it and realized that it didn't exist.  I got too busy to tell you about it so I will now.

Last September I went to an estate sale and grabbed some great little items.  As I was leaving, I noticed a small table in the front room but it had a really bad wet ring on it and was $20 so I left.  Looked like this:

I thought about it the whole way home, talked to Stephen about it (this was before my woodworking class, well not that I would've learned this anyway) and he said you could easily sand it out.  SO, he sent me back.  When I arrived and asked about it another lady jumped in and said, "oh that sure is a nice table".  BACK OFF, Lady!!  I offered $10 for it and the gal looked in the other room at the other folks working and said, "ok.  but pay quick and get it out of here!".  Ha!  $10!  I was so excited.  I liked the overall look of it and thought the top almost was shaped like a flower if not for all the cheesy gold inlay.

So, it's been awhile but now is the crucial time for it anyway.  Finished and Madi's favorite color it will look fabulous in her new room.  I promise.  Wait until you see it.
Oh, and it's a drop table too.

Great table
white primer spray paint
Krylon "watermelon" glossy spray paint
Good luck :)

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