Thursday, June 6, 2013

Not exactly a "How To" for a padded twin headboard

So, I say "not exactly" because I don't REALLY know how.  My good bud Wendy Lee (over at Punctuation Studio) is really the mastermind and you can read her tutorial here at her blog.  Please follow her because I'm certain you'd learn a thing or two and she has helped me so much it's crazy!!  Thanks Wendy Lee!  (or Wenny Wee as Madi says)

First there is the MDF board that you have to cut.  She came up with the design and I liked it.  She used parchment to trace one side and flipped it to make both sides perfect.  I did get the paper for her.  AND the marker.

We had one full piece of foam and need a bit more for the height on top.  She figured out how much we needed and what shape, drew it and cut it out.

She's cutting it with an electric bread knife.  Said it worked best.  I did not argue.  I just took pictures.  I can be mean the whole time about how little I did but we BOTH can't use the gun and we BOTH can't use the knife, etc.  At least I wasn't just in the cheering section:

Then it all gets covered in batting.  Staple guns are your friends.

Then you cover in fabric.  This can be tricky because you don't want too much bunching around the corners.  The sharper the corners the more difficult this can become.

I can tell you that in the beginning she also drilled holes for the buttons we would be using.  We made our own buttons out of fun fabrics and that was fun for me.  Finally something I could really help with.

Then, I did have to string up the buttons.  Getting a need through the back and all the way up through the fabric on top wasn't easy.  My fingers hurt and I twisted in weird ways but that was my big job.  Wendy Lee then tied the string on the back side to smaller buttons.  This she said was to ensure that the string would pop or slide back to the inside.  Then of course the buttons would fall off, etc.

This is what it looks like now.  We will hang it on the wall in Madi's room and it'll be perfect!  Pictures to come later.

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