Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Madi's Room Version 1.0

Here it is in all its empty glory.  We have NO doors and small tweaks need to be made.  The headboard needs to be hung otherwise, that's about that.  I know there is a lack of furniture.  But, there will be built ins maybe later this year and I'll keep you posted on that.

This is what you see when you open the door.  At some point, it'll have a desk built in underneath with some shelves framing the windows and going around the corners.  Then we'll have somewhere to put things.  Ha.

 Going to the left, you see this.  We have her birds that will probably hang on this wall, not yet.

Still to the left (I'm realizing it's counterclockwise) you see her bed area.  Cozy. Again, no headboard yet.

Suddenly she wanted in the pictures.  She played upstairs every moment she could today.  It's crazy.

To the left and past the main door that isn't there is this.  Now, this looks super tacky (thanks to my husband).  He has a good heart, but he's not really helping.  That big piece of blue foam is because that closet is an attic space and with no door, it's a disaster.  BUT, why the dresser is the only thing that can hold it in place, I'll never know.  Grr..  Anyway, Wendy Lee's pretty dresser is fab.

And, Madi wanted you to see her new clock.  Just in case.

More to the left, you'll see the reading nook area.  The box is there in the wall but they removed the shelf, so that'll come back soon.  And, where Thomas and the monkey are hanging out will someday have a built in bench.  So, for now, we wait.  Oh and Madi could get lost in that closet.  But, how about those little crystal globes above her head?  Love!

Anyway, this is where we are now.  It'll change and get better soon.  I could've waited until it was complete to discuss and have true before and after pics.  BUT, I'll do that when it's version 2.0.  Just hold on.  We do have another addition coming soon and there isn't much time left.  So, we're just happy she has a place of her own that she loves!

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