Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I did have time to jam

Yep.  Not a lot of time left but I did make some Strawberry jam.  I am just glad to have that checked off my list.  We were almost out and I knew my days were numbered.  I am hoping to make the others but I have some time on those.  And, hopefully the stove will be fixed before then.  Just making life a little bit easier.  By the way, these are not local berries as usual.  I'm tired, huge and just couldn't get myself to care enough to try to get to the farmer's market.  This summer I went with convenience.  Still lower sugar and no pectin.

Oh, I ordered some new labels for my canned goods.   I used to make little labels with hand drawn images that I had in the computer and printed out on address labels.  Since my Word has gone bad and I don't care to replace it I've got another cool idea coming from one of my favorite companies.  Can't wait.  I'll tell you more when they arrive. 

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