Monday, May 13, 2013

When the Walls..

Well, we have started the reconstruction (deconstruction) of Madison's new to be room.  We are so excited.  Of course, once it was destroyed, Madison responded with, "Well, now where am I gonna sleep?"
This is where Madi's bed is going to go.  She's getting a newly made headboard.
Honestly, I have no idea.  We have very little time left here and I'm just hoping I have a couple of days before the baby shows up to move everyone around.  It's insanity around here.  The dining room is filling up more and more and the upstairs guest room isn't looking too homy.  Wow.  Let me tell you, it's a lot.
This will eventually have built in shelves around the window and a desk/drawer area.  Coming soon...

But, here are some fun photos for you to enjoy or at least commiserate with us.
**NOTE**  I took the photos from left to right as you enter the room.  We have further plans and additions but for right now, we just need her up there.

This will house a newly renovated closet and a reading nook (coming soon) under the window.

This will be where her dresser is and the little nook to the left of the door will be a new closet.

Here is the to-do list:

1-Fabric headboard (work on with Wendy Lee)
2-Repurpose an old dresser from my pal Wendy Lee (she will be doing the work on this one)
3-Paint an estate sale find to be side table next to bed.
4-Find window coverings for now.  Every window is different and I don't have time to create curtains for them.

Make sure that you follow my pal, Wendy Lee in her own world of crafted creativity here at Punctuation Studio!

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