Thursday, May 23, 2013

Trim up the room

Here is an update.  There is trim!

Two small snags we are working on, though.  One, how are they gonna put the crown molding in.  I think they've figured that one out..  But, it's a task for sure.  Especially with our nasty ceilings that we chose not to deal with at this crucial time.

The other is that the custom doors don't seem to be so "custom".  You can see all the tiny doors we have.  Not completely to the bottom of this one yet or I'd share more.  We are gonna discuss it today with the contractor.  I want doors.  He said he could get doors.  There will be doors.  Just so you know..

Otherwise, they are almost ready to paint.  Nuts!  I can't wait and hope that all continues to go well.  The next two days are gonna be long ones.

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