Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oh what you can find

You've seen the photos, now here's the news.  Behind those knotty pines were some hidden treasures.  How people miss this stuff, I have no idea..

The man tearing down everything first found this.  Crazy.  So you know, I was really excited by a label on the side that said it was manufactured in a plant in Missouri.  Kind of fun to find a hometown shout out in your old 1923 house.  Ha.

My father in law found this treasure while they were adding the electrical to the walls.  It's a pretty huge porcelain wash basin.  Cleans up pretty good.  Might be nice for Madi to play with in the Summer outside (water fun) or even to use as a display of some kind for some of my products at the next festival I do.  Or, maybe we'll use it to wash baby boy!  So many uses.  ha.

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