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Music Monday: "Jesus Music Box" by Yancy

Hello friends.

Today I'm here to talk to you about a really great album for children of all ages.  I mean that because I believe the album is geared towards kids from preschool up but please don't discount it as a "kids" album.  There are praise songs on here, yes.  There are Jesus rock anthems here, yes.  There are songs that are simple to sing, learn and dance, yes.  There is definitely something for everyone.

Yancy is an artist we've talked about many times.  She is currently focused on Kid's Ministry and really does a great job there.  Previous releases have been geared toward preschool, pre teens and everything in between.  She has released others that could be considered Christian pop/rock for the masses and my favorite, her Christmas album.  Yancy writes songs from the heart either speaking into the Christian life, teaching you about God's word or just celebrating God and life itself.  If you've read my blog, seen her in your church or done a VBS by Standard Publishing you are already familiar with Yancy.  So, now about the CD.

"Jesus Music Box" starts with the song "Not Ashamed".  I love this song because it is a rock anthem for sure.  It's loud, fun and your kids will scream the lyrics with you in no time, I promise.  "Better Than the Best Thing" showcases some awesome bgvs.  That's one thing I've noticed on this whole album.  Yancy is getting so great and creative with background vocals.  There are so many things going on and at times it's like there's a room full of Yancys.  Ha.

"You are Everything" is the first down song which has great reflective lyrics and honestly something I'd love for my little girl to be singing over and over.  "you are everything, I need.  You are what matters now to me."  Same with the upbeat "Evidence of You".  "I want my life to be the evidence of you.  I want the way I live to be somebody's proof.  In every word I say, in all I try and do."  Definitely great reminders for us and some great growing truths for the little ones to cling to.

There is a cover of Chris Tomlin's "Our God" which is my favorite version of this song so far.  Love what she did with it even though she stuck pretty true to the original song.  It's worth a listen if you're a fan.  "Always with Us" has a bit of a flashback keyboard part.  At least I think it sounds very 80s.  And, being a child of the 80s, I likey..  "Be Careful" is a great song for all but I feel this is the most preschool aimed.  I love it and Madison loves to sing along.  You can even come up with some hand motions since it goes through all kinds of body parts through the song.  "Be careful little ears what you hear.  Be careful little ears what you hear.  Input, output, what goes in is what comes out, be careful little ears what you hear."  The last 3 songs are definitely more worshipful.  "Our God Reigns" ends the cd with an awesome song that could easily be lead in any church.  It includes The Lords Prayer and though I believe any worship leader could have their congregation singing along and worshipping, Madison sings this song so loud and it just makes her momma smile!

I've mentioned the background vocals but I have to give Yancy props for continuously growing as an artist, writer and vocalist.  She takes many vocal liberties with this album that I admit I wouldn't have expected from her.  But, she carries it off beautifully.  Lots of different influences are felt throughout the songs and I love that.  It keeps it creative, interesting and even more fun to sing to.  I was even impressed at her range here.  Basically, girl can sing!

I should also mention that the album was #1 on's site for a bit.  So, if you're not convinced by me, listen to them.  Go now, listen and buy.

For more about Yancy and her ministry, click below:

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