Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Madness

I know I'm a bit late.  But I still wanted to mention our Easter.  It was another trip to St. Louis to visit family and it was a great trip.

We had lots of fun getting to color Easter eggs with the Leiwekes.  Madison was really into it this year and was basically on her own.  She has a pretty good hang of it and was just dipping like crazy.  Of course, getting her to wait for pretty colors to develop was a bit too much to ask but she did  really good.

We got to go to church with my mother where they have a little slide in Madi's class.  She remembered the slide and couldn't wait.  Of course, the teacher said she barely got off of it.  I'm beginning to fear that they have to talk about the "kid from Nashville who hogs the slide every Easter".  Oops..

Easter will remembered for many things, Madison was rolling down the hill in the front yard with her fun Aunt Julie by the end of the day and was covered in leaves and dirt.  She had a blast.  Also, there was the annual Easter egg hunts at both the Leiweke and French family gatherings.  Mostly inside due to the recent rain and snow making it a muddy mess out back.  Speaking of snow, Grandpa Leiweke had saved some for Madi and she enjoyed throwing it at us all on the back deck.

One of the most epic things that happened was the Easter grass fight that Madison started.  My child doesn't usually get too wound up but let me just tell you that she doesn't eat sugar much.  She already had a few jelly beans and some donuts at church.  Hot chocolate at my Mom's and BAM!  She was a bit nutsy.  So, she proceeded to pull out everyone's grass and throw it in everyone's face.  No one was immune to this.  Her cousin Parker just couldn't believe the mess that was being made and Ariana had no problem joining in the fight.  With me as her primary target, I might add.

But, I did get one good shot of the cousins together.  They truly can appear sweet and angelic.  For a moment.

I felt great as far as pregnancy goes.  I will admit I exhausted myself and was pretty sick Sunday night.  I felt better by lunch the next day and got to hang out with both sides one last time for lunch at our favorite Imo's.  It was a great, fun, busy weekend.  Also, short.

The best moment was Madison calling me into her room before bed and telling me the story of Jesus.  She truly did.  From his birth, to resurrection.  Apparently she actually does listen in class even though it seems she isn't.  Jesus is risen!  Praise God!  Amen!

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