Monday, March 4, 2013

Groovy Giveaway: The Jackson Five on DVD for the first time!

The one and only Jackson Five animated series is now available for the first time ever on DVD and Blu Ray.  All 23 full length animated episodes plus 46 remastered songs.  All the crazy Jackson Five antics in one place.  This comes with both the DVD and Blu Ray version.  So, it'll work with whatever you have.

The packaging is perfect for the decade and each disc looks like a record which is super cute too.  It is a Rankin Bass production so expect the same look as "Frosty" and other classics.  The storylines are a bit "out there" and Michael has 3 animal friends, "Rosey" the snake and "Ray" and "Charles" the mice who are much more human than animal.  Like any other Rankin & Bass production the animals are other characters equal to their human counterparts.  Ha.

I admit that I've never seen an episode before now and was a bit bummed that they didn't do their own voices (call me a dreamer, no a realist.. ha).  But, if you remember this as a kid, it would be great to add to your video collection.  It is geared more to kids so there are no worries over bad storylines you wouldn't want your kids to watch.  If you're so inclined, introduce them to the world of the Jackson Five as well.  The music is great and each episode includes 2 psychedelic music videos (animated of course).

So, if you grew up watching the shows, listening to the music or are just an avid Michael Jackson fan, you should grab this.  I have one copy to give away, so what do you think?  Want the details?

Check out Rafflecopter below for the skinny..  Hope you enter.  Good Luck.

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