Monday, March 11, 2013

Gloomy day ironing and organizing

The other day I bought a box set of these awesome containers at Costco.
I've needed some new organization in the pantry.  I did recently reorganize things a good deal but I needed some new containers for things I'd like to, well, contain.

As you can see, I've had glass containers which I loved but the seals are cracking and breaking.  So, I'm going to use these for things that don't need to be airtight.  At least for a bit.  Then maybe large vases?

These are OXO Pop containers.  They're not cheap.  I bought 2 the other day at Target and put them to use.  I love the way they work.  So, at Costco, they had an 8 piece set for $47.99.  I had looked online for sets and they were all at least $100.  I have used them all and have 2 left.  Just waiting for something.  Ha.  The great thing is these are airtight.  You press the button on top and they seal up.  Lids won't come off.  The bad thing is they are not safe for the dishwasher (the seal is..).  Doesn't bug me too much because these aren't something you're going to be washing every day.  I'm happy with them.  They are also stackable which is nice.  I'm constantly reorganizing my pantry so for now.  These are perfect.

We also did some ironing.  Madison's was much more "musical" than mine.  So, I turned the radio up and we just had fun.  I've been sick so it was nice to feel like I got something accomplished.  It's the little things right now.

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