Friday, February 15, 2013

Party 101: Craft-tea Party

So, you've seen it before here and here.  But here is the latest version of my "Hot Stuff Tea Party or Craft-tea Party".  I have upped the red and hearts this year.  Due to the new table I opted for a table cloth which turned out to be awesome!  Added so much color and fun to the room.  This was from Target.  The craft tables were covered in old curtains that I use in my craft booth sometimes.  This brought in some more fun red.  I have more craft supplies (which I can hardly believe).  But, I tried leaving room for others to move in.

Food:  I took it a bit easy this year.  I usually make some chocolate, buy some chocolate.  Wasn't really in the chocolate mood this year.  Pregnancy trouble I suppose.  So, I had some leftover chocolate candies and some were donated.  I bought some Heartbreakers (gobstoppers) and Starburst had a red pack this year so I grabbed some of those.  I made my sugar cookies which always go well and Madi loves to help me make.  It was a warmer 59 degrees this year so I made sure to have some iced fruity tea and I haven't been much in the mood for tea so the espresso machine was up and ready.  Wendy Lee brought some finger sandwiches (cucumber and turkey).  This pregnant lady ate at least 15 of those which was probably about 2-3 sandwiches.  We had awesome cupcakes (which Madi enjoyed later) supplied by Becky and Anadara and her son Brooks made us some sugar cookies.  Too cute.  And, my pal Nicole brought some chocolates and the flowers.  She was here a day early.  And, realized she would not be able to come to the real party.  Yikes.  That girl cracks me up.  But, we appreciated her donations none the less.

Crafts:  This year we did make some cards but we also had plenty of things from my pal Wendy Lee.  Check out her blog here.  She is a crafty one..  She brought in some journals for us to decorate, some burlap and muslin bags and we took advantage of all that for sure.  And, there was definitely some embossing going on by the end.  My pal Becky had a whole list of people to make cards for so she jumped in and got busy.  I love that she actually plans for that with the party.  That's why I try to have it early enough that you can send your cards out on time.  My pal Anadara was new and she is a brilliant singer/songwriter but a novice at crafting.  It was fun to watch her find her way.  We had to explain to her it can be like bowling.  Gotta play a bit before you find your stride.  She actually had some fun stuff to bring (most of which wasn't opened) but we abused her fun green ink pad for sure!  Becky is also great for bringing a trunk full of things like glitter, her signature googly eyes and retro Valentine's.  Love it.  Lots of commercial Valentine cards which are fun to tear apart and recreate into something else.  We love it.

Fun was had by all.  Very successful day.  I love this because I always learn something new that I can use somewhere else.  I learn about a new place to find supplies.  I eat great food and get to chat with the ladies.  Yay!

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