Monday, February 25, 2013

It's a boy!

We are adding a little boy to the household this Father's Day.  And, what a day!  I'll tell you right now, not to spoil it, but I won't be buying a Father's Day gift this year.  Ha.  

We are excited for the news.  I love my baby girl and can't imagine her any other way, so I'm excited to keep that special place for her and add a whole new experience with a boy.  I know what Madi is like and I'm so curious to see how similar and different they are.  I'm not concerned about clothes, toys, etc. We've bought lots of gender friendly items along the way and the kids will be 6 months apart anyway so seasons are completely different.  It doesn't bug me one bit.

I cannot wait to get the renovations going so I can visualize what the new rooms will look like and start getting supplies together so I can start building those rooms.  Lots of fun is heading our way.  Right now it looks like stress and business.  But, I remember the peace that comes after the baby is here and I'm just looking forward to that.  

Yay for boys!

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