Friday, January 4, 2013

Santa brought paints

 Santa stuffed the stockings this year.  Tons of things.  I was surprised by how much fit into just one stocking.  But, one of the favorite gifts were her

She first painted in Sunday School with Ms. Candy.  Oh, Ms. Candy.  This woman has taught Madison many bible verses (2 of which she can remember), songs, inspired Madi to play her and many crafts have been made.  It was all the rage when she painted.  Ms. Candy even said how she would barely do anything else.  And, it was the first time that the art became so important.  She rushed to show it to us like we had never seen anything like it.  (and we hadn't)

I am afraid of messes (always have been).  Ms. Candy told me her secret is to dab them with water and let them go.  No cups of water to dip and re dip into.  Seemed to be a great idea.  It worked for Madi.  Of course, I'd clean up and restart once the colors all turned brown, but man did she love it.  She did start out at the table first which I'm assuming is how she did it in class.  But, soon moved to her easel.  She just had so much fun making a picture for "Dada".  Love it.  I, of course, get NOTHING!

Her fancy smock is an old v-neck tee of mine that looks very sexy down her back, but kept falling off her shoulders, so we just clipped that in the back.  I've been on enough photo shoots in my time and I'm glad that I learned something valuable.  I pulled up the hair just for my own sanity's sake.  The kid gets everything in her hair.

It was fun.  And, she is happy now that I finally said, "yes, you may."

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