Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Mighty Wind

Tuesday night brought us a scary situation. Loud winds were rattling the windows, sticks were hitting every inch of the house which sounded worse than hail. I woke to this at 3:00 am. When I turned in the news I was informed if our tornado warning and then could hear the sirens blowing. Yikes. I woke up Stephen who didn't seem too concerned. When he heard the sirens he got up and came in to watch the news with me. A line of straight line winds was headed right for us with a hook at the top (even more in our direction). Yikes again. It was time to grab Madi and run downstairs. So we did. We grabbed flashlights, blankets, pants (ha) and turned the tv in the kitchen as loud as it could be.

Downstairs I couldn't stop shivering. It was rough. Madi kept telling me it was going to be ok. Then we heard the rush of winds and the banging, "crunching" sound. Stephen said "that doesn't sound good" and like any girl in a bad horror movie, went running to see the danger. I only yelled when I heard him running down the hall. "Tree's down" he said. My reply was "GET DOWN HERE!"  Hilarious. It's not over yet, duh and that could be the pop before the Big Bang. It's amazing what we do in stress. Madi was the only one who kept her cool. Only concerned about going back to sleep so she could make it to church in the morning. We didn't.  Couldn't get out the door or get the car out.

Everyone is ok. We have some rebuilding to do. But I can't tell you how blessed I felt just to be able to climb back into our warm beds and go back to sleep with full electricity. That in itself is a blessing.

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