Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

It's been awhile. How was Christmas?  Ours was great. We told everyone that we are expecting a new little one in June.  Even though Princess Kate, Jenna Bush and Kim Karsashian sort of stole my thunder, we are very excited. But I've been busy and otherwise occupied so I apologize for the lack of chatter. Like any other milestone in your life if makes you analyze, think and reconsider. So I'm looking into what I want to do differently here.

And I want to knit for us for a while. I'll still have stuff in my store, I have tons of merchandise. But I need some new knitwear. Gloves, a hat, and I want some socks. Lots of socks. Madi needs a new blanket and I want to sew some more. I need some bags to store some of Madi's gifts. I want to get better and possibly sew a quilt. And don't forget I have a new little one to knit for.  There are household things to be done and Madi and I will be designing her new room. So I'm going to take time for us this year.

I guess these are sounding like resolutions. I really just intended to tell you where my mind is right now. But while we are at the New Year's vibe, what do you do to celebrate?  We have been staying st home for years. We tried being fancy for years and never liked it much. Then we were given the gift of being sick for about 3 years in a row and so we learned to stay home.  It's warmer, safer and much more casual. Ha. A few years we had some fun folks over. I treasure those years. I always thought it would be fun to have some couples over for a slumber party with the kids. Waking up the next morning to brunch, then everyone heading home.  But we have yet to find the right pals for that one. Ha.

So tonight we will pop open the sparkling cider, cheese and crackers, coon balls, pizza rolls and tons of Christmas sweets and ring in the New Year. If we make it that long.

Here's to 2013!  Thanks for listening.

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