Saturday, December 1, 2012

Did Santa come yet?

This is the question I'm asked almost every day. Madison is loving Christmas this year and I'm so glad.  But she isn't understanding that it's Christmas but not "Christmas". We are going to go next week and find a countdown calendar. I think that will be helpful. She will see how many days are left and participate every day in counting down.

The first time she asked I said "No, honey. Santa doesn't come until Christmas!"  "But it IS Christmas" was her response. I was like, "oy vey". This is gonna be a long conversation and I'm not really sure where to start. I explained the season versus the day but come on!  Se doesn't really get it. I figure a visual will be perfect. So we will find one and put it somewhere she can see it every day and help us countdown. It'll be different when we head home for the holidays. Those days will blur together. But I can see her confusion and impatience here. Ha.

How do you handle the countdown drama?  I'm sure every kid is different. It's a valid question. This year the season is even longer. So I can't really tell her it's time to put up the tree and buy presents but its not Christmas. It'll be fun. Merry Christmas!

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