Friday, October 5, 2012

I know... I know... Just when you need me most!

I have so much going on I haven't written much. I'm so sorry. I probably have had 30 different post ideas that have never happened. I'm really bad at this. And now as everyone is posting gorgeous Fall pics (I haven't been taking non work photos) and new crafts (I'm too busy) and yummy food (I have taken photos just haven't shared) I have really slacked.

You know when things get busy something has to go. We have been bedtime training our daughter (yikes) and dealing with her being in a very "two" mood lately. Also in two weeks I start a stint of 3 fairs in a row which means I HAD to get Christmas going and as much Christmas is in stores it is actually still slim pickings for card making. Ugh. And I'm killing myself making dish cloths right now. House projects I intended to write about are stressing me out so I do them suddenly and realize I took no photos. Ha. It's just crazy. I do have some things I wanna share with you. I will get to it soon. There are birthdays coming, our Halloween party and of course, the holidays!

Anyway, please don't leave me. I promise I'm still here. And I think I need to not think about it so much. Talk to you more like this and it'll become easier. Sometimes I over think it and then feel I just can't post anything.

Happy Fall. It's been gorgeous. And I'm excited for the coolest weather yet starting tomorrow.  Oh and we just finished watching "Friday Night Lights" last night. That has been months of my life and my husband has been psycho about it. I thought he was gonna cry when it was over. Ha. Yet another show we had no idea about until it's too late and you can't do anything about it. Good tv.

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