Sunday, September 16, 2012

Woodworking 101

I recently started a woodworking class with some friends. I truly don't know what I was thinking. I apparently think I'm a pioneer woman or something. Ha.

I have to say that our first class was last Monday. Every Monday for 10 weeks. We are supposed to make a side table. Sure. I can only imagine what this will look like. But it'll de done soon enough. I will let you know.

I did get to make this "T". Is it supposed to be a letter?  Not exactly but it's a lesson on joints. This is a half dovetail I think?  Or maybe I should've researched it before typing it. This class is supposed to teach the basics of woodworking from choosing, cutting wood to finishing techniques. I was expecting to take a ton of notes in the first class. You know about different tools, what we would use certain saws for, types of wood etc. Instead we were told what we needed and then it was like "well, since you don't have these things there isn't much we can do". What?  Um I paid money for a three hour class. I'm gonna learn something. After some pushing she decided to cut wood and teach us this join. She also told us we will be tired early so we will probably leave around 8 (an hour early). Ha again. Every chance she gave us to leave we were all like "no thanks. Gonna learn something".

Needless to say I'm afraid I will learn how to make this table. And that is all I'll know. Which bums me out. I was hoping to learn how to repair or build pieces to fix some of the furniture I find places. I was hoping to learn more about finishing. And it's too funny. I did learn that poplar wood (which is what we will probably use) doesn't do well with stain because of its amber color. So I don't even think I'm gonna get an opportunity to work with stain. Looks like I should've paid my father in law for lessons instead. Hmm. Maybe I will.

I can tell you taking it with friends will be fun. The woman are all eager to learn and funny. So we will force this woman to teach us something. You watch.

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