Saturday, September 1, 2012

September is National Sewing Month!

Happy September.  Happy almost Fall, almost pumpkins, almost nice cool breezes and happy National Sewing Month!

I'm excited to share with you some of the fun things that I've been up to.  I am a sewing novice and am learning as I go.  Digging online, watching videos, reading books, calling my mother in law and friends.  Basically, trying to figure it all out.

But, recently I've been making some things and I'll share a few posts here soon all about them.  Until then, I wanted you to know that it is a happy month for sewing.  If there is something you've been wanting to sew, get moving!  Celebrate this great art right now, knowing that millions are behind you.  Confused, but trying.  Ha.  Join the many, the few, the confused, the lost, the "i have no idea what I'm doing".  If I can do it, you can too.

Here is the link to the website which shares a bunch of information about the organization and there are free projects on there to try.

Also, know that places like JoAnn's and Michaels are well aware and are offering fun coupons, discounts and sales this month on all things sewing!  So, you have no excuses.

Get out there, get those machines buzzing and make something.  Even just a napkin.  That can't be too hard, right?  Yikes..

Check out these projects I've done recently:

Beatles shirt for Madi

Pillow Case like Grandma's

Playroom Table Cloth

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