Wednesday, September 5, 2012

fEASTival Nashville 2012

I'm too busy.  That's right.  I'm chiming in for a second so you don't think I've moved or left the country or am angry at you for any reason.  I can't be expected to keep up with everything and this week, the blog is suffering.

I'm participating in fEASTival Nashville this weekend (with my friend at Punctuation Studio) and am busy prepping all my new stuff.  So, if I'm not knitting, making a card or tagging something, I'm sleeping, eating or dealing with my child.  Oh, right!  I thought I recognized that person running around..

But, alas!  It will not be for long.  I will return quickly, I promise.  I will tell you that you will probably miss yet another "Treasury Tuesday" but there are many on my site, so check out any you might have missed here.

But, you should come out and see me this weekend.  Saturday from 12 noon until, who knows?  I'm not sure where I'll be but you can check my Facebook or Twitter account for that info!

I will come back soon to show you some fun stuff I made for my booth.  Also, I have some sewing things I've done to talk about.  Some recipes, Fall things and oodles of stories,  I promise.  They are all sitting and waiting to be talked about.  I promise.

Oh!  And I'm starting a woodworking class soon.

Just not now.
I'm not a superhero.

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