Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Be Creative: Drawstring Bag, my first Buttonholes!

For those of you who are just tuning in, I'm trying to learn to sew.  Doing project after project mostly on my own.  Just trying to find my way through this.  I figure I can do it, right?  Don't know where this false sense of security comes from but I have it.

It is also National Sewing Month.  So, I'm determined to show you my mad skills.

This project started out as a second pillowcase for Madison.  You can read about the other here.
I become more and more confident which can be construed as cocky.  So, here I thought, I totally know what I'm doing.  I measured the fabric based on the original pillowcase and doubled it, yeah, I'll need this much, etc.  Sewed it all up quickly even with my lovely french seam (I feel so fancy).  When it was all said and done I had no seam allowance.  Yeah, I'm not that bright.  So, I started over again and eventually did finish the pillowcase.  It fit better than the first so I was very proud.  But now, what of this?

I have to tell you I've been jealous because I've waited patiently for something to make with this fabric and I love it.  So, I decided to make it a drawstring bag.  I can do that, right?  Well, I did a bunch of research on the web and honestly, my best advice came from my sewing machine manual.  There is a buttonhole presser foot.  Wow.  I wasn't really putting a button on the bag but I found one that was about the size hole I needed to place inside the foot.  There is a spot to slip the button and it auto calculates what size you need.  Amazing.  I did have to figure out about where I wanted the holes and draw lines on the spot so I'd know where to line up the needle and you have to adjust the foot as well.  Again, I'm not a genius.  This isn't so much a tutorial as just a bit of encouragement.  Read your manual and basically do what it says.  It'll do the rest.

I like ripping out the basting seam.  It's like, Oh, oh, it's coming, THERE IT IS!  SUCCESS!!  You are AWESOME!!

Ha.  I take credit but truly the machine does all the work.  I found it much easier than I thought.  I will tell you I put it off for a few weeks just from the mere intimidation of the idea of making a buttonhole.  Even if it auto does it, what if I do it wrong?  Use scrap fabric first until you feel good about it.  It truly takes no time at all.  So, try as much as you wanna.

I finished it by folding it down and stitching a seam around the top.  (Note that the holes were made down lower so the top part folds down and the holes are on the outside of the bag)  I used ribbon to weave through all the way around the top.  2 different ribbons in one hole around and back out, then in hole #2 around and back out.  I tied the ribbons together on each side so you pull them and they "cinch".

I have used it for my quick and easy knitting projects.  One ball of yarn, needles, etc.  So nice.  I will use it more.

Anyway, again.  If I can do it so can YOU.  And your dog.

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