Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Olympic GOLD!

So, now that the Olympics have come to an end, here is a nod to all those gold medals.  I thought this was pretty creative and she found some really interesting things.

Meet Jessica from Altered Archaeology.  Jessica's quirky taste shows up in her shop of vintage oddities.  You really need to take a look as she has everything from jewelry to clothespins.  Really.  Take a click around her shop and see if you find that missing piece.

Also, as always, click on the photo below to be transported to the land of Etsy and all things handmade.  You will there be able to click through her treasury and shop some wonderful places.  Make sure to spread the love by commenting, favorite-ing and sharing her work in all your ways.  Thanks again for reading.  Stay tuned for next week.

(RMM)  What inspired the theme?

(AA)  Our amazing Olympics Swim Team and Gymnastics team, they kicked total butt! I'm proud of them and our country.

(RMM)  What about the photos caught your eye?

(AA)  The birds and wings made me think of how the gymnasts fly through the air, the fish represent our swimmers. I wanted to see lots of gold all mixed into the red white and blue!

(RMM)  Why do you like making treasuries?

(AA)  I'm a collage artist and making treasuries is like making collage, it's a natural fit for me!

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