Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: Back to School with Flying Colors

Hello.  Today's Treasury is time sensitive!  So, if you're interested in any of the items, click the photo below to be transported to the world of Etsy.  Like it, comment on it and click away.  Buy everything you'll need for the back to school season.  I LOVE this time of the year.  I LOVE school supplies in all shapes and forms.  So, I loved this treasury.  I like that they are all a new spin on basic necessities.  Your kiddos will be the coolest of the cool with just one of these items.

That brings us to our curator, Cait.  At this time, her store is empty.  She told me she got so into treasuries that she is kind of stuck creating them at the moment.  But, we all go to where the artistic direction takes us and I think she is doing a great job.  Show her some love and scroll down to see her answers to my questions!  Happy looking!

(RMM)  What inspired the theme?

(C)  I always loved painting in school and when I came across Sushipotvintage's item it all took off from there.

(RMM)  What about the photos caught your eye?

(C)  The bright colors and back to school learning feel of each item.

(RMM)  Why do you like making treasuries?

(C)   I like making treasuries because it gets creative juices flowing.

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