Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Treasury Tuesday: End of Summer - There's Still Time to Have Fun!

Today's Treasury is brought to you by Sarah Klatt of Ordinary Artists.

Sarah and her Dad work hard at what they do and make such beautiful items.  They are in Oregon and like to upcycle ordinary things into something amazing.  You should take a look at their handmade jewelry, journals, all sorts of cool items.  I love the photography (thanks to Sarah) and look of all their items.  Go and check them out.

Now as far as the treasury, "End of Summer - There's Still Time to Have Fun!" I loved the simplicity of it.  I also loved the soft colors as they were perfect for the end of Summer/beginning of Fall which August signifies.  I was just in the mood as soon as I saw this.  I hope you love it too.

Make sure to click on the photo to be transported to the world of Etsy and to actually be able to get a better look at some of the fun artists featured here.  Then, make sure you favorite it, leave a comment and show Sarah and her dad some love.  Make sure to scroll down below and read our interview too.
Thanks again!

(RMM)  What inspired the theme?

(SK)  It's starting to feel like summer is drawing to a close - plans for fall are drawing nearer, meetings are beginning - so I wanted to remind myself (and others) that it's not quite over yet, and we should enjoy the last bit of this season before jumping into the next one.

(RMM)  What about the photos caught your eye?

(SK)  Most of these items where in my recent favorites - I loved the colors, the photography composition, and the uniqueness of the items. As I started to put them together, it all sort of clicked!

(RMM)  Why do you like making treasuries?

(SK)  Making treasuries is so much fun! I love putting different colors and ideas together to tell a story or create a mood. I'm an artist, and it feels like I'm creating something beautiful.

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