Thursday, August 16, 2012

Refurb 101: Playroom step stool

You'll remember that a while back I bought a stool for $10 at an estate sale.  If not, read about it here.

I liked it and it was simple enough and sturdy enough I knew that I could just paint it and it'd be perfect!  We all know that the entire upstairs is mostly wood so more wood finishes is a bit much.  So, color has been the way to go.  I asked Madison and she said "pink"!  So, when we went to purchase the pink, this is the one that she wanted.  I have to say, it matches her lamps and a lot of the pink in the room so, might as well!

First, of course I sanded it all down really good.  Though later I discovered maybe not as well as I had hoped.  I had some worn down sandpaper and probably should have purchased new first.  I had some trouble later on one of the legs.  I think there was still a finish of some kind in a spot and there is some weird looking rippling.  But, after fixing another spot, I called it quits and shall live with the imperfection for now.

Next, it had to have a good covering of primer.  I used all Rust O'leum brand cans.  Their primer and color.  No big deal.  This isn't anything fancy, just a step stool for Madi.  I will say that the hardest part to cover was the bottom.  It is really what the whole stool is made up of.  Lots of crevices and curves to miss.  So, it took a few layers to get it all covered.

Once the paint went on, it took a few layers on the bottom.  I actually almost used an entire can on this itty bitty thing.  Mostly because of the bottom and the few mess ups that happened.  I cannot stress enough about good sanding and primer.  These are miracle workers every time.

Anyway, the finished product is beautiful.  Madison was so excited and it works perfectly in the room.  She can now stand on it to color and she feels special because it's "exactly what she wanted".  Or, so she told me..

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