Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keeping Cool: Dan In Real Life

Okay, so the other day I just couldn't take the heat.  Man!  It's been a hot summer.  My sister who prefers the heat and will actually drive in her car in the heat of summer with the windows down and no A/C on (I know..) is sick of the heat!  I am ready for cooler temps!

So, while Madi was sleeping, I decided to take my mind away to cooler temps.  I popped in "Dan in Real Life".  Have you seen this?  Besides the wacky, round a bout it love story it takes place in the Fall and has 2 things that I LOVE about it (besides the acting, casting and story).  1- The scenery is gorgeous!  2- The whole family get away cabin.  How I would love to someday own a beautiful vacation home where everyone can come and stay under one roof.  Just gorgeous.  And, the set design!  Every element of that cabin I love.  From the beautiful quilts, to the color of the wood, to the big porch, large screened in porch, to the windows and views.

So, if you need a bit of escape from the heat, take one!  Go watch "Dan In Real Life".  You will feel much cooler (well except for your heart warming!!  ha!  too cheesy for me..).  By the way, you can see by the photo I was still working!!!

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