Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gotta Have: Soapstone Soap dish

I needed a new soap dish.  Do you even use soap dishes?  I've got to tell you that I've tried pump soaps again and I've realized why I went back to soap soap.  They run out so quickly and I #1 don't like paying the money for them to be gone in 2 weeks and #2 don't like running out and constantly thinking, "I have to run to the store".  Silly.  Maybe we just wash our hands more than others?

In my recent search (which came about because the bottom of the one in the kitchen was rusting out.. ugh) I really felt that I looked everywhere.  Now, everywhere for me is usually a handful of stores so stick with me.  But, I found $10 dishes at Target that had no openings so the soap is just laying in water all day which means it won't last as long and there is gunk to clean out daily.  No thanks.  Then, there are $3 ones that are all openings.  I'm assuming these are for the shower but the kitchen counter, um, no.

So, I really felt I had no choice.  Bought a pump for the in between time.  Now there are racks that sit on a dish but again, there is the emptying of the dish, etc. which can drive someone who is as anal as me, crazy!!

I thought I'd check World Market.  I know they have a ton of shower products though I've never bought any of that from them.  So, we ventured out.  Same thing was popping up there.  But, then I found soapstone.  You know, those amazing coasters that absorb all the moisture.  With no nothing left behind?  (yeah, that's a proper sentence..)  Well, I thought I'd give it a try and let me tell you, I love it.  There does get to be a little bit of soap goo that needs to be wiped off (with this one I use a brush because of the grooves though the one in our bathroom is round with no grooves, just wipe) it's not always, and the soap seems to be lasting really well.  The soap doesn't feel slimy when I pick it up because it's high and dry and not floating in its own goo all day.   I have poured water on it slowly and I promise, unless you dump a cup of water on it, it will absorb it before it gets on your counter.   I really love it.  My husband complained at first because sometimes it is kind of stuck to the stone.  But, if I can rip it off of there, it really isn't that hard.  Ha.  And, the longer we've used it I don't see that as a problem anymore.

Just know that they have several kinds made of soapstone but some are polished and shiny.  I cannot vouch for their absorbency just like the painted coasters.  I'd assume they're not as good.

At @ $7/ea. I felt this was a fair investment.  It's not going to rust or stop going with a room design.  So, I might get a lot of mileage out of them.  Hope this helps you in your own quest.  Oh and note that they are all real stone so they are all different in colors and tones.

**Also, I bought their Goat's Milk soap and LOVE it.  They have several brands there I want to try but these were on sale at the time.  And, they're amazing.  I love a citrus or mint in the kitchen to help with food smells.  I promise you'll love them.  And, if you have a friend that makes their own soap, even better!

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