Thursday, August 2, 2012

Good Food: What to do with Lemons?

We are doing a cleanse right now.  Bad timing.  Ugh.  We can't have any fruit.  Don't ask.  There is too much involved.  Just know that it's Summer and we can't have fruit.  SO, what to do with the huge bag of lemons that I had in the fridge?

Well, I juiced them all, poured the juice into ice cube trays (bought for Madi's baby food) and froze them.  Once frozen, they pop right out and you can put them into ziploc bags.  yep.  At about 1 oz. each, they will be perfect for popping one into a cool beverage, hot pan requiring lemon juice or any other way I choose.  AFTER the cleanse, of course!  I also had a bag where I put the juice of 3 lemons (photo below) so I could make lemonade too.  Thought it was a great idea.  Hope you do too!

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